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The best value by far in local healthcare media

Compare KCDocs Image Ads pricing to any other local media, including telephone directories, newspapers, TV, radio or billboards – you’ll find our program delivers the best value by far, to an extremely targeted audience.

There is no charge for ad creation, whether we design your ad or you elect to furnish it. You can update or revise your ad at any time at no charge.

All pricing is shown on a monthly fee basis. The minimum term is 3 months - we allow a 10% discount for 12 month purchases, all prepaid.

Multiple ads will be discounted in the amount of 10% for 3 to 10 ads (please call for larger quantities).

Image ads are available on a first-come/first-served basis. Current advertisers for a specific ad/page have first refusal rights for renewal over new placements.

Click on any Page column head in the chart below to see an example.

  Physician Listings
Ad Size Map Page Region Page Specialty Page
Tile $ 40 $ 30 $ 20
Double Tile    80    60    40
Banner    60    45    30
  Facility Listings
Ad Size Map Page Region Page Facilities Page Hospital Page
Tile $ 30 $ 20 $ 15 $ 15 
Double Tile    60    40    30    30 
Banner    45    30    20   20

Contact us at 913-685-9477 or online and we’ll get you started today!