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A great way to get a web presence before you get a website!

Websites can be expensive, and take significant time and energy to get up and running.

If you don’t have a website, or are starting a new practice or healthcare facility, this could be the only way to be found on the Internet.

Think of your full page listing as a mini-website!

Every physician and healthcare facility in the Greater Kansas City area has a complimentary listing in

Make your practice or facility stand out from all the rest with a Full Page Listing. We'll display whatever information you'd like about your operation, as well as your photograph and/or logo, a link to your website, and a link to a GoogleMaps® map to your office.

You can get all this for your practice or facility for only $15 per month (12-month term). We’ll design your Full Page Listing at no charge, and you can change it whenever you’d like.

As the only complete Kansas City area healthcare directory available, there's no better place to attract the attention of area residents (or practice managers) looking for a doctor or healthcare resource.

Contact us at 913-685-9477 or online for details. Your Full Page Listing can be running on KCDocs tomorrow!

See an example of a typical Full Page Listing.