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spec allergistInfectious Disease Physicians

Infectious Disease Specialists (also known as ID doctors) treat both acute and chronic infections caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses. These may be infections caused by hepatitis, HIV, COVID-19, tick, mosquito or parasite infections, and infections of unknown origin. There are several subspecialty areas that an infectious disease physician can train in: HIV/AIDS, Tropical Medicine, Hepatitis, Malaria, Public Health, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Tuberculosis and Transplant Infectious Disease.

In addition to a medical degree, ID doctors must complete a three year training residency in internal medicine as well as a two-year fellowship in infectious diseases, then pass the exam to become board certified. Patients will generally be referred to an ID doctor by a hospitalist if they have already been admitted to a hospital, or by their primary care physician.


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