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spec allergistGeriatric Physicians

Geriatric physicians are doctors who specialize in the care and treament of aging patients, who are often prone to chronic health issues. They primarily focus on maintaining functionality and helping to improve the quality of life. Geriatric physicians are used to working in conjunction with caregivers and family members who are providing daily care for older adults.  Because older people often take many different medications for multiple ailments, geriatric physicians are usually very knowledgeable about drug interactions and side effects.

Geriatric physicians must complete four years of medical school, along with three to five years of full-time residency and then become successfully board-certified. There are many conditions they are called upon to treat - the more common ones being fall injuries, dementia, incontinence, depression and cardiovascular diseases.

Man Anand, MD
Senior Behavioral Health Center
3500 S. 4th Street
Leavenworth, KS 66048


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